Turning the data into your advantage

We're helping you to change the data you have into valuable information. 


What do we do?

We are experts in building the market competitiveness of companies through the effective use of the value of their data. We build solutions based on the latest Data Science technologies, which are aimed at increasing profitability and maximizing profit and building savings for enterprises and businesses.

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Possible outcome

  • Measurement and indicators

  • Predictive modeling (using ML/DL)

  • Scenario modeling

  • Sales prediction

  • Prediction of raw material purchase prices

  • Process automation

  • Assessment of marketing activities

  • Recommendations for appropriate and profitable undertakings


About us

We are a team of data analysts, programmers and UI / UX designers. traders. For many years, we have been designing solutions that increase the efficiency and income of sales departments. We have gained experience from cooperation with companies such as Maspex Group, Samsung, Raben and VW.


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